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Global Leaders Assoc. is a professional and technical services firm specializing in Information System, Fund Raising and Resource Development for the non-profit sector. The firm combines technology expertise with fund raising and development experience to provide essential computer-related products, services, and consultation to Non-profit organization of all sizes.

Global Leaders Associates has been involved with non-profits and organization for more than thirty years. Our combination of direct fundraising experience and leading edge technical expertise make us uniquely qualified to provide non-profits with the technology necessary for the twenty-first century.

We are committed to the National treaty for fundraisers and to the principles of Professional Code of Ethics of the Israel Association of Professional Fundraisers – IAPF.










GLA's mission is to help non-profit organizations use technology to improve fundraising.


Fundraising Assessment and Planning

We can help you assess your organization’s current Fundraising technology, and plan for "FR" technology change. Global Leaders Assoc.'s planning and budgeting services help non-profits understand what needs to be accomplished technologically, both now and in the future, for it to fulfill its Fundraising goals. Global Leaders Assoc. Planning and Budgeting Services include:
  • Inventory and assessment of agency's current Fundraising technology
  • Recommendations for implementing new Fundraising technology
  • Assistance in formulating an agency's Fundrasing technology strategy
  • Assistance creating a Fundraising technology budget
  • In-depth, mission-based Fundraising technology plans

Hands-On Assistance

We can lend hands-on help, like wiring a network, designing a Fundraising database, launching a Fundraising Web site or implementing a Social Media Strategy.

Fundraising Skills-Building Classes

We stage Fundraising and technology training classes on everything from basic Donor Cultivation, to sophisticated Campaign and Fundraising Administration and Resource Development.

Technology Resources and Software Applications for the 3rd. Sector

We have extensive sets of software applications and solutions made especially for the 3rd. Sector in Israel and : Magbit, (Donor and Donations tracking System) Keren (Philanthropic project tracking , Community, (Community Management) and a vast DRM (Donor Relationship Management) solutions.

Database Services


Database services

We offer a variety of services for many types of databases used by non-profits. We have experience with fundraising, membership, grant making and Donors-tracking databases. From simple support of common questions to more complex database enhancements and complete system design, we strive to help non-profits get the most out of their organization’s data. Our consultants have expertise in Microsoft Access, Sysbase, Oracle, PHP, MySql Dot-Net and FileMaker Pro. For custom needs, we will also help you through a database needs analysis, selection, pilot, and integration process.
Database services include:
  • Database assessment and planning
  • Designing new databases
  • Modifying existing databases
  • Data conversion and migration to new database system

Data Analysis

Data collection is an important asset and vital to any non-profit organizations. The information collected, after data analysis becomes real knowledge for planning, decision making and control execution. We can help organizing, managing the information, teaching patterns of analytical thinking and adopting an economic analysis system for monitoring and planning of the organization's philanthropic revenue and to improve professionalism in managing the database.

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Fundraising Consulting


Fundraising Building


Business solutions


Solutions / Products / Downloads

Magbit - fundraising software

Magbit is a specialized fundraising software solution that provides general management solution to non-profit organizations in Israel, managing the whole fundraising operation, organizing fundraising events, projects management, donor relationships, etc.
Magbit was written by professional fundraisers therefore it works the same as your fundraising organization works. It is not necessary to revise your organization's structure to suit the program. Here, at last, is a program that thinks in terms of fundraising and efficiently manages fundraising.
Magbit is constructed on the basis of specialized technology and represents a breakthrough in the field of fundraising: the software is compatible with computer networking as well as accessibility via the Internet (Cloud). Thus, fundraising information is accessible anywhere and at any time.
Magbit was developed especially to serve the needs of Israeli non-profit organizations that are interested in professionalizing their fundraising activities or in upgrading existing computer systems to this integrated system which possesses a powerful capability in all aspects of data management for fundraising.
Among the features of Magbit:
  • Manage donors, pledges, donations, commitments, projects and campaign reports
  • Access and compile complete demographic, biographical and giving history information
  • Track unlimited number of gifts, pledges, corporate matching gifts, honor, memorial gifts and gifts-in-kind
  • Keep unlimited giving, pledge, and contact history
  • Store multiple address and salutation information for each donor
  • Track donor/member interests, meetings attended, committee assignments, etc.
  • Record contacts (letter, telephone, meetings, staff contacts) with donors, members, and major gift prospects
  • Record special information in note fields
  • Print gift acknowledgment letters by gift type/code compliant with any regulations
  • Record pledge information and print pledge reminders as needed
  • Manage events including registration, cost analysis, attendance and seating reports, table assignments, nametags, etc. (Implementation as additional charge)
  • Prepare personalized targeted mailings including merge files, labels, and envelopes
  • Record staff contacts. (Implementation as additional charge)
  • Import data from other sources
  • Export data to MS Excel, PDF format, spreadsheet, accounting, and word processing programs
  • Produce statistical, financial, and analytical reports including: comparative reports of fundraising campaign years, special campaign reports and frequency reports, targeted mailing results, source reports, giving by state, city, etc.
  • Create ad hoc reports using demographic and giving history segmentation
  • Restrict edit/delete capability or access to sensitive information using multilevel security
To download a free demo version of Magbit, click here.

Keren - Track Grant-Making Cycle for Foundations and Grant Agencies

Keren is the ultimate tool for improved management and monitoring of grant-making cycle. It provides quickly accessible information for thorough analysis, informed decision making, and up-to-the minute tracking of organizations and funds.
Keren is the latest advanced computer software developed to serve philanthropic foundations and grant-making agencies. It is an integrated program that allows for tracking grants, grant assessments and reporting from the time a grant request is received through the closure of the grant.
Keren can accommodate your entire giving history, tracking information on an unlimited number of organizations. Information can be obtained on funding by specific categories according to the funders' requirements. This includes: program areas, population groups, and regions served, date of grant, outstanding reporting required, and more. The program is easy to use and was developed with highly visual toolbars to make navigation and data entry easy and straightforward.
Keren was developed in Israel by professionals in the non-profit and foundation fields. It can be used in Hebrew or English, in NIS or other currencies and local support is always available. Program customization is part of the software package.
Modules of Keren:
  • Organizations
  • Projects
  • Reports
  • Beneficiaries and target population
  • Project evaluation
  • Follow – up
  • Grant Cycle
  • Budget & Payments
  • Pledges & Commitments
  • Contacts

Other developments

Desktop and Mobile Solutions & Applications
We offer a range of appications and solutions for managing and track large data, Inventory, marketing and sales management, Telemarketing and Direct Mail.
Other developments:
  • Magbit - Donor & Donations database
  • Keren - Grant Making Cycle for Foundations and Grant Agencies
  • Legato - Conservatory and Music Academy Students Registration
  • Aid-Ventory - Philanthropic Inventory for Charity Agencies
  • Vet-Pet - Veterinary Clinic Administration
  • Tar-Get - Database for Real Estate Agencies & Agents
  • Tailored & Customized Databases and Software solutions for Windows and MAC
  • Data Conversion and Data Manipulation
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Inter-Face & Extract data from the Web
  • Data Scaning - Get critical information from your constituences (0nly USA, CA & UK)


GLA has developed a wonderful fundraising product - Magbit Database - which works well and is a reasonable price. The Support is also very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with them - always available to help and solve problems.
R. E.Director of External Affairs at Jerusalem College of Technology - Lev Academic Center
It is a pleasure to work with GLA. I know that no matter what issues I have they always get back to me really quickly and prepared to add any 'work-arounds' that I request. I have also benefit from their knowledge and experience and they are often helped me with strategic questions about managing Magbit for my organization.
A. B.Projects Manager at TZOHAR
We have been working with Shai Ben Mordechai (GLA) for 18 years. He developed our FileMaker Database, which is the mainstay of our office. Shai has always been available for questions and assistance, always with patience and understanding. It is a pleasure doing business with him!
R. H.Glencore Society for Education and Welfare
Magbit has been an invaluable tool for our organization. It has helped us manage vast amounts of information in an efficient and effective database that is user friendly. Shai Ben Mordechai's experience and expertise helped to create a program that serves all our needs. His support is steadfast and continues to be instrumental in maintaining this important tool for our organization.
G.G. Executive Director - American Friends of Beit Hatfutsot Museum
Shai (Gla) is what we call a "Mentch" - a trustworthy person, that doesn't hesitate to put his clients interests before his own. He is allergic to mess, and must find an absolute solution to every need we have. He is also a friend and a partner, that gives a lot beyond what he must. This is because he believes in us and our cause. In other words, Shai becomes part of your team, wants you to succeed and flourish.
D.G. Resource Development & PR Coordinator - FJC - Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
We have worked with Shai Ben Mordechai at GLA for many years now and can’t be more appreciative of his professionalism. Magbit is a solid application and the backbone of our office’s activities. Whether a technical difficulty or tiny glitch, Shai will work patiently and creatively until the problem is perfectly solved
S.H. Office Manager - The Temple Institute
Our Foundation has been working with GLA for over 15 years and we are very satisfied with their service, which is always professional, thorough and efficient. The Filemaker Database is exactly what we need. Shai Ben Mordechai is supportive and always available to help. We have recently upgraded the Data Base and Shai was most patient and understanding - and a pleasure to work with. He understands our particular needs and has effortlessly adapted the programme accordingly, giving much more than required. We warmly recommend GLA.
T.G.G. Clore Israel Foundation


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